Check your eligibility

This is a quick step that lets you find out the amount you are eligible to apply for. All you need to do is fill out some basic information like your phone number and salary details. After this, we request permission to access some features on your device that will help us analyse your eligibility. Don’t worry – we provide full disclosure on how exactly we intend to assess your data.

Time required to complete this step: 2 minute

Update your profile

This is where you complete your profile by filling out your personal information, clicking photos of your documents and uploading them. The best part is, you’ll only have to complete this step the first time you apply. The next time, you can skip ahead to Step 3 and get an instant loan.

Time required to complete this step: 10 minute



Apply for the loan

Now you’re ready to apply for your loan, so just select the amount you require. This is the step where you can review all the details of your loan. From the interest rates and processing fees to the loan tenure and repayment options – you will find everything mentioned here in a clear and straightforward way.

Time required to complete this step: 2 minute


You’re done with the application process. Once approved, your loan will be disbursed immediately, so you can expect instant credit. Keep an eye on your phone – the next notification you get might be the one telling you that the amount has been deposited to your bank account!

Time required to complete this step: 3 minute




With our transparent, straightforward system, it’s easy to keep track of your loan tenure, and repay the amount before the due date. Just click on the ‘Repay Now’ button, choose your preferred payment channel and enter your payment details.

That’s it! The best part is, after repaying your current loan, you can apply for your next loan right away.

Time required to complete this step: 1 minute